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IQAC Objectives

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the College was established in June, 2019. Internal Quality Assurance Cell is conceived as a mechanism to build and ensure a quality culture at the institutional level. The IQAC augments quality-related activities and developing quality enhancement measures to optimize the performance of the institution. To ensure documentation of the various activities according to the revised new format of NAAC, the IQAC team assures an organized methodology of documentation. It works to enrich and uphold activities of the College with a systematic strategy to ensure the dissemination of quality practices.


Act as a driving force for escorting in quality by removing deficiencies and to systematize the efforts and measures towards academic excellence.


  • To optimize, integrate and monitor the modern methods of teaching, learning and evaluation.
  • To maintain quality sustenance and enhancement by facilitating the sense of belongingness in participative mode with various units of the institution.
  • To create a system of feedback on processes and policies of the College from different stakeholders to aid collaborative mission of ensuring quality in teaching and learning.

  • To initiate the assimilation of innovative methods of teaching, learning and evaluation, especially technology oriented methods.
  • Prepare the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as per NAAC guidelines.
  • Documentation of the various programmes /activities of the institution with systematic methodology of quality parameters.
  • Contribute in the decision-making process to the quality enhancement initiatives of the institution.
  • Coordinate activities of the College to ensure adoption and dissemination of good practices.