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Department Of Languages

The Department of English is one of the prestigious and prominent department of BMCCA. The Language department has been fostering critical thinking and motivating students to certify their disposition with adherence to the vision of Bharata Mata college i.e., ‘Excellence of ethics – in profession and character.

The department is catering to the need of providing a better academic environment to students belonging to different values of life, regions, nationalities and communities. We emphasis on an inter- disciplinary approach. When a student completes his/her academic programme he/she will have equipped oneself with requisite skills in managing any situations that may come up in their careers.

The double main course offers equal importance to literature and journalism. The hands-on training programme in journalism will give them a platform to acquire industry experience during their academic years.

Courses Offered
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Department Of Languages

Prof. N.K Vijayan

Professor & Controller of Examinations

Sangeeta S.

HOD & Assistant Professor

Maria Joy

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor

Meghna Sajeev

Assistant Professor